January 2022

Missouri's Parole Board circumvents the Supreme Court’s decision

Federal Court Holds Missouri’s Parole Process for Youth Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court struck down mandatory sentences of life imprisonment without parole for children under 18. In response, Missouri converted life-without-parole sentences into life-with-parole. The Missouri Board of Probation then denied parole for almost everyone who qualified, circumventing the Supreme Court’s decision.

True Public Safety Means Ending Unnecessary Police Stops

True Public Safety Means Ending Unnecessary Police Stops

Sandra Bland was pulled over because a police officer said she failed to signal a turn. Philando Castile was stopped for an allegedly malfunctioning brake light. Daunte Wright was driving a car with an expired registration tag. Bland, Castile, and Wright were ultimately killed by the police. Police action should make people safer, but none of these stops were in the interest of public safety.

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