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Equal Justice Matters Jobs Over Guns Proactive Crime Intervention Program

Image a world in which citizens are given the opportunity to put down their weapon in exchange for a job.

Today, about one in every 31 people in the United States are under the supervision of the corrections system, either locked up or on probation or parole. The system unfairly punishes people of color, burdens taxpayers, and exacts a tremendous social cost. Sadly, African-American men who failed to finish high school are more likely to be behind bars than employed.

Employment helps people who feel hopeless and gives them a sense of fulfillment. Your job may prevent someone from returning to prison or ever becoming entangled in the justice system in the first place by keeping them from making poor decisions to earn money. Minimum wage is better than 50 cents an hour in prison, after all.

Our goal is to decrease rates of incarceration by providing a safe environment for at-risk individuals to network with like-minded people, learn to type, learn basic computer and smartphone skills, compile resumes, acquire appropriate interview and work clothing, enroll in training programs, and apply for jobs.

Your donation will be used to rent an office, purchase office equipment, purchase computers and printers, purchase software, and support volunteers and advocates.

We are also working with the community to compile a list of potential employers that hire felons, but we are even more interested in employers that would be willing to train people without experience. We wish to connect people with a job and training BEFORE they consider committing a crime to make money. With this proactive approach, we aim to help connect young adults with employment before they have involvement with the justice system.

Learn how the Federal Bonding Program can protect employers and how Work Opportunity Tax Credits can benefit employers who hire high-risk individuals.

If your company is willing to offer jobs or training to people just entering the job force or to people with criminal backgrounds and would like to be included on our list, please contact us! If you would like to donate directly to this proactive program, click here!

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