A Message From the Founder

A Message From the Founder

Equal Justice Matters.

You matter, I matter, they matter, we all matter because EQUAL JUSTICE MATTERS.  This is important for all of us. Unfortunately, Equal Justice does not seem to matter or apply to all in today’s America.

If our politicians and leaders would enact programs, policies, and laws aligned with the ideals of EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW (as inscribed on the façade of the Supreme Court) there would be no need for civil rights protests, marches, sit-ins, uprisings, partisan fighting, and political division. In essence, if Equal Justice Mattered, there would not be the continued misinformation of perceived and heavily promoted hostilities of the Red against the Blue; Black lives against Blue lives; Me against You; Republicans against Democrats; Bloods against the Crips; Liberals against Conservatives; Whites against Blacks; Them against Us; Rich against the Poor, etc.

What ever happened to WE THE PEOPLE?

We pledge allegiance to a flag and proclaim that we are one nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all. We all see the various symbols of justice in our schools, municipal and state buildings, churches, and courthouses throughout the country. We see these symbols shrouded and flanked by flags that we hail to and proclaim as Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. These symbols proudly represent the words Equal Justice Under Law;  Lady Justice holding scales that are supposed to represent the weighing of the evidence accurately on its own merit, as being Equal and Balanced; Lady Justice wearing a blindfold to indicate that justice is blind.

For millions of people ensnared in our criminal justice system, those that will eventually experience the harsh consequences, and those that have family, friends, associates, neighborhoods and communities, it would appear that those ideals are simply a fantasy or only apply to an elite, privileged, rich, and powerful segment of society. Many of the poor and marginalized see an unjust system that is stacked against them from the start. They primarily see the unjust system with laws that were implemented to punish them with challenging laws, insurmountable charges, and nearly impossible defenses; draconian sentences; fines, fees, classes, restitution, probation, supervision, and a lifetime serial number brand as a criminal.

  • The reality is, we see the scales of justice as being severely out of balance and tilted favorably to benefit the rich, powerful, and connected.  There are an abundance of Legal scholars, university studies, Judges, politicians, civilians, and civil rights groups have already proven and concluded that our justice system is that was designed and created to be unjust to marginalized people. It is nearly impossible to have confidence in this system because we clearly see that lady justice’s blindfold is see-thru. She can see whom to administer justice and whom to punish with in-justice. We see the heavy book of the constitution, that she stands on, as being “thrown at us” and the snake at her feet as evil policies. Such as the severe, draconian, and inhumane punishment of Life Without Parole for non-violent drug offenders (while rapists, murders, and snitches get less time), Three Strikes-then Life, Mandatory Minimums, and the 100 to 1 sentencing ratio for crack vs powder cocaine.
  • My sole desire is to gather support for programs such as Trade Schools in lieu of prisons, Jobs Over Guns by asking employers to educate and train people for jobs before they become desperate and commit crimes for resources. We will advocate for education, employment, housing, medication, and hope rather than ignorance, unemployment, hopelessness, drugs, homelessness, and incarceration.
  • I have personally seen and experienced aspects of our unjust criminal justice system. I do not wish that phase of life on anyone.  So, my pledge is to advocate for fair and equitable policies while proactively teaching the public about how and why it is smart not to venture where I have been (to prison). I have learned the hard way that it is wise to learn from your own mistakes and wiser still to learn from other people’s unfortunate mistakes so that you don’t suffer the same dismal and harsh consequences as they did. 
  • Please join and fight with us because EQUAL JUSTICE MATTERS.

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