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Handling Police Encounters

How to handle encounters with police

Encounters with police are inevitable. These encounters can be tricky because cops are trained observers, constantly gathering evidence and looking for ways to enforce the law and penalize law breakers.

Avoiding Unwarranted Police Attention

Practical Ways to Avoid Unwarranted Police Attention

The police have enough to do worrying about people committing real crime. The most obvious way to avoid capturing police attention is to follow the law, but sometimes that isn’t enough. There are laws one may not be aware of, but even appearing suspicious can garner unwanted notice. Here are some practical things anyone can do to stay off of their radar.

Black Lives Matter Rally in Anchorage, AK

Anchorage, AK, Performing Arts Center

They should know by now that tearing down a sign won’t do anything. This is a movement, and we will make as many signs, stage as many protests, and sacrifice as much as we have to to make America a free and safe place for all of the people who call it home!

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