Alabama prisoners exposed to horrifying violence, rape

DOJ: Alabama prisoners exposed to horrifying violence, rape; murders a ‘regular’ occurrence

Federal investigators spent two years investigating prisons in Alabama and found that inmates were regularly subjected to horrifying violence and sexual abuse. They discovered a “broken system” in which people are murdered “on a regular basis” and the few officers on duty seemed powerless to establish any semblance of control.

Conditions were so horrible that the Justice Department concluded they likely violate the Constitutions prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

The prisons are severely understaffed, leaving prisoners to fend for themselves. The report concludes that prison officials appear to have accepted “the high level of violence and sexual abuse as a normal course of business.”

“Prisoners who are seriously injured or stabbed must find their way to security staff elsewhere in the facility or bang on the door of the dormitory to gain the attention of correctional officers,” the report concludes. “Prisoners have been tied up for days by other prisoners while unnoticed by security staff.”

There are so few officers that weapons are easily obtained throughout the system. In one particularly violent housing unit, a captain estimated that up to 200 of the 1,900 inmates likely possessed homemade knives. The report showed a guard holding what appears to be a homemade sword, that was recovered in 2017.

To top it off, hundreds of sexual assault incidents were reported, but ultimately written off as consensual “homosexual activity,” even when the victim showed signs of physical assault. “Staffers seemed resigned to the idea that prisoners “will be subjected to sexual abuse as a way to pay debts accrued to other prisoners.”

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  1. My brother was one in the Hell Chambers of Alabama when his probation was revoked due to new charges. Mobile sent him off to do his sentence and was sapose to bring him back home for a trial on the new charges… They say on that trail and covid hit , and black lives matter movement and then combined prisons so the worst thing ever Only the crooked Gaurds stayed and any time they were caught being violent to prisoner they were not FIRED they were just moved to another prison. So all the torture my brother went through never mattered and according to our governor it’s all lies (but) there are reports and witnesses and that make ALDOC even madder so they realy don’t care about the inmate any more They purposely put them in deadly situations so someone can kill them off. There was no visitation at all during covid all contraband was bring in by Gaurds… and people inside paid them off through Cash app… No one ever helped my brother get justice for the torture he received, just ignored and sent to 3 other prisons to save his life because all that Criminal gaurd had to do was call the next prison he was sent to and put a new hit out on him… called a sitting duck. and barred in .. Now he is back to go for trial for last case and 1,780 after he was charged,and finally going to trial.. VERY Unconstitutional!!!!!! now he may face more prison time and has never been givin even bail or outside a cell outdoors since aug of 2019 ,, today is nov of 2022 That is what INJUSTICE looks like ALDOC is a seth chamber if you are not suicidal, you will be when you leave….!!!!! After That … I am praying very hard they don’t say he has to go back to prison. because he will die . all the elmore prisons staff is still in the system all the inmates that tortured him are still doing there time… so if he walks back in he will be dead in a week. because they will call him a snitch for telling on them for what they did . And Gov Ivey can care less . she is to busy covering it up that she has allowed all the covid money designated for prisons to be moved to unemployment funds…. and all the money designated for mental health after leaving prison be moved and spent on Stupid Parks and recreation!! At this point I pray the judge will see he will kill my brother with even a mild prison sentence. and I pray Jesus comes back led by the arc angel Michael to slay the wicked in charge

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